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5 Good Reasons To Throw Axes

Posted by Axe Master Andrew L. Wolf | 07.08.2020

Hey, you. Yes, you. I know that look. You're tired of the balancing act. You have to work, have to work out, have to have fun, have to socialize, have to have time alone, have to blow off steam, have to sleep, have to eat, have to pay the bills. It's exhausting. There's not enough time in the day for all that.

I have something for you. Think of it as a pocket knife for your tight schedule: an activity with a bit of an edge that tackles some of everything. A gift that keeps on giving. It's.... axe throwing.

You're going to love it on its own merits, because throwing an axe tickles that part of the soul where we get the desire to smack lunch trays out of people's hands in the cafeteria. Don't deny it, the urge is there. But unlike upending two hotdogs and a milk carton in someone's face, axe throwing has a lot to recommend it. 

  1. Throwing an axe is for everyone.  Are you 15 years old? 71? Tall? Short? Athletic? Sedentary? An outdoors lover? An indoors enthusiast? Have you ever touched an axe in your life? I'm just kidding, you don't have to answer those questions, because none of them matter. If you can learn to use a spoon, you can throw an axe. Not only that, but inside of an hour, you can learn to throw it with precision. This is because axe throwing is more about technique than brute strength.
  2. Self-confidence. Learning a new skill can be hard. Sometimes the process is punishing. You start to doubt that you're even making progress. Are you in that spot right now? Pick up an axe and get throwing. With a little bit of attention to your throwing form, you'll begin to see rapid improvements. Really rapid. After an hour or more of nailing the bullseye, reveling in that heavy chunk as the axe splits the board nearly in two, you'll walk out with your head held high. You can do it. You did do it.
  3. A bit of light exercise. Throwing an axe can involve anything from just your arms and shoulders, to your whole body. It will get the blood flowing and wake you up, but there's no need to sweat and groan your way through! Axes come in a variety of sizes and weights, and there's a fit for every level of activity. No matter what, your hand-eye coordination will improve, as will your awareness of your body's movements. Want to be a better ballroom dancer? Learn to throw an axe.
  4. Friendly rivalry. When points are involved, everyone gets a little competitive, and a little friendly competition is good for every relationship! Compete against your partner, your spouse, your best friend, your coworkers, or go all out and join the World Axe Throwing League. Nothing brings people together and creates memories like sharing a game. Next time you book a corporate event, a birthday party, a ladies' night out, a date, or guy's get-together, ask yourself: would it be better if it involved throwing axes? (The answer is always 'yes, yes it would.')
  5. A gateway to grander things. Learn more about outdoors life. Bond over a shared interest. Get involved in a new community. Find a new restaurant. Join the local WATL chapter. Start forging your own axes. Take up reading history. Become acquainted with local small business owner. You're in danger of doing all of these once you step into the range, because you never know who you'll bump into or what you'll overhear. Hey, you might even make a new best friend! At the very least you can walk away with a bunch of firewood. 

    What's that, you say? You have more questions? I don't have any more answers for you (although the FAQs might). Axe throwing, you see, not something that can be fully explained. It can't be summed up in words. You'll have to do it for yourself. Go ahead, book an hour with Blue Ridge Axe Throwing this weekend. I'll get the axes ready for you.

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