Axe Leagues

Axe Throwing Leagues

We now offer competitive WATL (World Axe Throwing League) Leagues throughout the year at both our Roanoke and Blacksburg locations.  

Blue Ridge Axe is a proud WATL member and uses their standardized scoring, points, ranking, and pairing systems. NOW FEATURING 2024 TARGETS IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE 

What is Axe Throwing league? 

Axe Throwing League is where people come together to test their mettle against other competitors. Each League night consists of 4 matches per person, with pairings determined by WATL systems. Each game is 10 throws, with Sudden Death throws at the end if both competitors are tied. 

We welcome people of all skill levels, whether you're brand new to the scene or a seasoned veteran. With the addition of Amateur and Advanced rules to the 2024 season, it's easier than ever to join in. 

We run two styles of hatchet leagues: 

  • Standard League – This happens 4 times a year (Winter, Summer, Spring, Fall) and lasts 8 weeks, with the final week being a tournament for trophies and cash prizes 

  • Marathon League – Throwers stick around for an all-day event and throw their 28 matches all in one day 

SEASON 1 (Winter) JANUARY 6 – MARCH 17 

SEASON 2 (Spring) – APRIL 6 – JUNE 9 

SEASON 3 (Summer) – JUNE 29 – SEPTEMBER 1 


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Member perks 

  • Half off throwing outside of League nights 

  • Free Swag at the start of each season 

  • 10% discount on merchandise  

  • Referral Bonus – Refer a friend and get a free night of League 

WATL Standards 

For more information, contact Amber Young –